Thoughts on Final Project

Cole and I decided to make a documentary for our final project. We asked a series of questions about the Information Age to friends of ours. They were all upperclassmen with varying majors. Three questions I found particularly interesting pertained to memes, favorite social media platforms, and pop culture representations of the Information Age. The trend in memes tended to be focused around simple funny images. Whether it was Spongebob Squarepants or a small animal in a funny pose, political memes were not amongst the popular answers. I wanted to know if any of my peers found political memes to be one of their favorites. Almost all answered with the fact political memes are amusing but at a high rate in volume. You can check Instagram or Twitter for a brief time and most likely come across a portrayal of Trump in various meme formats. The novelty of the memes lose their appeal with repetitive use in my opinion and could be a reason why political memes did not fair well in the survey. However, I was not surprised about the answers pertaining to what social media platform was favorites of the participants. The popular answers were Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. I think the reason for this can be explained for two reasons. First being the age of participants. All were betweens 20-22 and the popular answers of social media preference mentioned in this survey tend to be used by younger people. Facebook was referenced by some as only useful for connecting with family members or old friends. Facebook also has an older consumer population compared to Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. Using one of the popular answers of social media preference is therefore not surprising because their peers are on the same platforms. Second off, this can be evidence of an “Experience Age” forming as discussed in class. That perhaps people prefer visuals and less for content in some cases. I think an “Experience Age” is occurring today. Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram all are platforms with extensive visuals. They provide an opportunity for people to feel as if they were with an individual attending a concert sharing their experience. My last takeaway from the documentary focuses on the pop culture representations people answered with. As people are aware, I love Black Mirror. I figured Black Mirror would be answered several times in the process of interviewing people. Unfortunately, only one participant answered with Black Mirror. Most answered were centered around satirical shows about events of today such as Family Guy or Saturday Night Live. The greatly differ from Black Mirror. I believe Black Mirror represents the worst case scenario of what can become of humanity with increasing technological innovations. The Information Age has been able to expand due to technology but the likelihood technology causes people to become uncivilized can not be ignored. One can argue that has already started to happen.

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