Pop Culture Representations of The Information Age

Similar to the Information Age, pop culture is constantly changing and not staying stagnant. A testament of that can be seen in Alex Baratti’s article “The 25 Most Memorable Tech Moments in Pop Culture History”. I could not help but connect to several of the references in the piece. Back to the Future made me want to purchase the Marty McFly “space age” shoes designed by Nike. Depending on the magnitude of a specific pop culture item or trend, the social demand can be great. It makes marketing rather simple when a well known character like a Marty McFly is at the disposal of manufacturers. The creation of the Playstation is also mentioned and I can assure you playing video games was a big part of my childhood. In elementary school the age of play dates began and an essential part of the plan more times or not involved some kind of video game platform. My best friend and I began our friendship nearly fifteen years ago playing Nintendo Gamecube after school. For my generation, particularly males, a bond over video games as a form of recreation frequently was used as a way to connect. The game we played the most happend to be Simpson’s Hit and Run. Prior to reading the article I was positive the Simpsons would be mentioned at least once. There are so many examples of the Simpsons referencing pop culture from the Beatles to Elvis Presley over the years. The show has acted as one of the best manners to comment on pop culture for nearly three decades. It has inspired shows such as American Dad, Family Guy, South Park and The Cleveland Show. However, this article was published six years ago and pre dates several cultural changes as well as technological advancements. I am curious to see what a more recent article would discuss as the new pop culture that mass media or technology influenced.

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