Bell and Cooper

In deciding what to pick for my contributions to the class timeline I wanted to pick two events that changed the world and Information Age. Without a doubt, Alexander Graham Bell and Martin Cooper accomplished both of these. Bell and Cooper revolutionized the idea of communication. The telephone helped people connect regardless of geographic location through a landline. While the cell phone brought the power to an individual’s pocket not having to rely on a landline and be mobile while using the product. In both the cases of Bell and Cooper, there were ways to communicate through technology already. For Bell the telegraph and Cooper a traditional telephone. The motivations of Bell and Cooper to push what was deemed normal forms of communication led to two historical moments that changed the basic forms of telecommunication. However, the telephone and cell phone today seem to be almost taken for granted. It is routine to check your cell phone during lunch or make a business telephone call from a corporate office. Most people do not think twice of the technological feats apart of their everyday lives. In this sense, society is spoiled with the riches of the cell phone and telephone because most do not know of life without one or the other. If the telephone or cell phone were not apart of the world today repercussions would be significant and people would not overlook having the power of either. The work of Cooper and Bell in the field of telecommunication helped create a better tomorrow and should constantly be viewed with gratitude.

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