Alan Turing

The article about Alan Turing was an excellent read in my opinion. Turing during his lifetime accomplished several impress feats. He broke the German Enigma code during World War II, developed the Turing machine, and took on the philsophical dilemmna of if a computer can be sentient in creating the Turing test. Unfortunately, Turing took his own life in 1954 because of the reprocussions of being “grossly indecent”. The theme of a man or woman being judged through societal restrictions has occurred throughout readings in the course and Turing is no different. He was an openly gay man in a country which prohibited such behavior, but I applaud Turing in being true to himself. Turing did not hide his sexual orientation and when put on trial openly stated what he did was not wrong. The manner in which the British governemnt handled the situation was cruel. Turing to avoid jail time had to take estrogen injections and could not even advance in the scientifc field that he helped create. The death of Alan Turing can be blamed on the British government. Turing was a war hero and an intellectual innovator within the scientifc community, but simply being “different” did not resonate with the British government. It was only fair Turing was pardonned by Queen Elizabeth II in 2013. One can not escape the wonder of what Turing could have accomplished next if he did not commit suicide. He only was 42 at the time of his death and should always be remembered as one of the most influential human beings in the scientifc field.

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